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The project: Concept, Design and Implementation for the Pita Party event, of 600company employees, in Athens.

The need: Creation of a fun thematic party, in order to stimulate and entertain the employees

The concept: “Mardi Gras experience in Velti street”

The idea: LIVE THE MARDI GRAS EXPERIENCE IN VELTI STREET! Our idea was to‘transfer’ the Mardi Gras experience to the Velti 2013 Party by using themed accessories, customized videos and fun music

The implementation: Less than 1 month

The results: A fun and positive energy night, where via music, videos, and light effectsprovided the audience with a splendid night . The event also included the standard awards and the annual Christmas traditional pie and finished with a fun party that lasted till the first morning hours

Place: Gotham City Stage, Marousi Athens

Date: 23/01/2013



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