Nova – Forthnet

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The project: Concept, Design and Implementation of a Street Event and a Competition.

The need:  Projection of the channels of Nova and reinforcement of the partnership between Nova and Forthnet. 

The concept: “Everything comes alive at nova”

The idea: Promotional teams consisted of boys and girls, were each one was dressed up, so to represent a channel of Nova (football players, astronauts, soldiers, animals, super heroes, heroes from Tv series etc) and having glued to their backs a TV screen with the slogan “Everything comes alive at nova”, deluged the Streets of Athens, Thessaloniki and other main cities of Greece. The promotion teams informed and urged the audience to visit one of the Forthnet stores and take part in the competition.

 The competition: The people that visited the stores and were informed about the nova program received a scratch and win leaflet and instantly won amazing gifts. In addition the existing nova subscribers had the chance to win gifts of bigger value by entering another competition.

The results:  In 5 days we visited 6 main cities of Greece and informed 155.900 people.

Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra, Volos, Larisa and Heraklion



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