Mirror Mirror

in Details

The project: Concept, design and implementation of the event for the promotion of the new film “Mirror Mirror”.

The need: To inform the audience about the new film, to promote the discount leaflet for the cinemas and the products of the 2 sponsors (Estee Lauder and Donna Karan)

The concept: “The talking Mirror”

The implementation: In order to create the atmosphere of the movie, we created a stand that resembled the boudoir of the Evil Queen. Inside was a throne, a boudoir and the “talking mirror”.

The “talking mirror consisted” of 42”screen and a specialized software mechanism that has the ability to recognize voice and answer back. People would walk up to the “talking mirror” ask their question and get back and answer. In addition they won samples of products from the 2 sponsors.

In addition 2 promoters, one dressed like the Evil Queen and one as Snow White, handed out discount leaflets and informed the audience in regards to the movie and the game.

The result: We informed 15.265 people in 6 days and gave away 1.345 gifts

The place: Athens Metro Mall and THE MALL

The period: April 2012

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