LG Air-conditions

in Details

The project: Concept, design and implementation of the communication materials and street promotion for the new LG Art Cool & Libero E.

The need: To inform the audience, in regards to the in-store bundle promotion of the new air-conditions LG Art Cool & Libero E

The concept: “mirror… mirror”

The design: Having in mind the need to enhance the design aspect of the air-conditions, we used the concept “Mirror…mirror… on the wall”, aiming to focus on the aesthetic and the high quality of the products. In addition Street promotional events, took place in Athens and Thessaloniki and “Snow Whites”, informed the audience of the bundle promotion. Also branding visibility items were created.

The result: We informed 12.500 people in 5 days

The place: Athens and Thessaloniki

The period: April 2011

Other Works: