Globul Green

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The project: Concept, design, implementation and organization of Globuls Summer Project under the title “Go Green”

The idea: We created a FB application via which we communicated our promotional events. Each day 3 “mystery green guys” were in different places around Bulgaria. The people were notified  via FB about the areas of the daily events. When you "catch" the green guy, he gave you a business card with a code on. You then entered the code into FB application and each Sunday there was a draw, for different kind of eco-gifts. 

The implementation: 1,5 months, 2 project leaders, 6 actors, 3 promotion teams and a bus around Bulgaria

The results:  coupons: 37.101, leaflets: 73.918, Register Users: 13.226 Coupons Registered: 14.274


July – September 2013



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