Globul - Germanos

in Details

The project: Concept, design, implementation and organization of a the 2013 annual Globul – Germanos conference and after party.  This was the first time that the two companies combined their conferences.

The concept: “Operation: Double Force”

The idea: Our concept was based on the James Bond/spy theme. The concept aimed to inspire the audience, that they are part of a bigger team and that they have to learn to adapt to changes and use their “unique” tools to overcome any obstacles.

The party: The same concept was used also for the after party, showing a different part of James Bond, that of Martinis, music and fun. During the party the nominations of the stores took place and also the audience had the chance to enjoy the singers Dess and Preslava.

The results: A successful conference that delivered the key messages and a party that went up until the first morning hours.

Place: NDK Sofia Bulgaria

Period: 24/02/2013

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