Geniki Bank

in Details

The project: Concept, Design and Implementation of promotional activities, in regards to the new financial package of the Bank.

The need:  Create awareness and publicity for the new financial package to the main core audience, using the existing campaign concept. 

The concept: “This payroll has it all”

The idea: Promotional Activities in the Public Sector, for the briefing of the audience, via leaflets and giveaways - a bag with candies of different color and flavor - aiming to show the variety and diversity of the financial package.

The implementation: Initially the Public Services, in Athens and Thessaloniki were identified and recorded by our team. A detailed promotional plan was created and our promotional team visited the services and informed the audience.

The results:  We visited 259 services, we informed 33.000 employees and we gave away 28.686 leaflet and giveaways.

Highlight: Our entrance inside the Public Services!


Place: Athens and Thessaloniki 

Period: November – December 2009


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